Private Healing Dance



arjuna 1For individuals, couples or families seeking to use movement for self-healing.

Deep healing, deep connection, requires us to approach our healing holistically~ body, mind, emotions and spirit.  In order to delve beneath purely rational views of our experience, we need to access the information stored in our bodies.  From inside ourselves, we can discover what is truly going on for us at the heart of the matter.  Our bodies hold the key to understanding ourselves.

Any traumas that we have experienced in life, that we did not get the opportunity to resolve, get lodged inside the body.  The body carries these wounds, in one way or another, until we allow them to surface, process them and release them.

Movement and dance are tremendously powerful ways to dislodge these wounds from our bodies and heal them ~ either through the bodies’ automatic resolution system or by bringing them safely into our awareness.  We can then use movement and dance to process the lessons of the traumas if necessary and resolve them.  Afterward, we consciously fill the space we create with gratitude and love.

Private sessions with Michelle include talking, ancestral guidance, guided movement and free form dance/ movement.  Michelle assists the client in hearing and interpreting their bodies’ messages.   She teaches specific movements to create different effects in the body ~ both on the physical and energetic levels (how to allow wounds to surface, how to stay centered while exploring wounds, how to release emotions in a healthy way, how to stay grounded, etc).

Sessions last between 1.5 – 2 hours each and usually occur at Michelle’s homestead in Black Mountain.  To incorporate Nature’s healing, sessions sometimes occur outside at the ceremonial dance grounds, safely tucked within the forest. 

Private sessions can also happen online! 

All types of healing can be addressed through movement, and Michelle specializes in the areas of:
sexuality (including abuse, orientation, repression, shame, monogamy / polyamory, sex addiction)
birth and parenthood
abortion and miscarriage
death and grief
relationships and families
body image / eating disorders
balancing the masculine and feminine within us
past life traumas

Michelle strongly urges clients to commit to a series of at least 3 sessions, as it takes multiple sessions to address a single issue.

All private healing sessions are done by donation to make them available to all people.  Clients usually give anywhere between $50 – 150 per session.

Email Michelle to schedule your sessions~


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