Birth Dancing Workshops

(Workshops can also be scheduled upon request…)

$35 for one person, $50 per couple or pair

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Belly dance was originally created by women to help prepare them for pregnancy and birth.  This introductory workshop teaches the ancient technique to ease all phases of the birth journey (conception, pregnancy, labor and recovery). We will cover the fundamental movements, which moves to use when, how to dance through labor (including contractions), birthing positions, papa’s role in labor and why this technique is so effective.  Mothers are encouraged to bring papas or someone on their birth team who can dance with them during labor.

A weekly practice is encouraged to help make the movements a part of the mother’s muscle memory (see Birth Dancing Circle or other Belly Dance classes).  However, even a one-time workshop has helped many mamas and babies enjoy more gentle, empowered births.

(Payments are refundable / transferrable up until 10 days before the class ~ unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Transferred credit must be used within 3 months.)

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