The Roots of Belly Dance

The Roots of Belly Dance:
Internal Alchemy

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6-week Series starts June 14th (No class July 5th)
Thursdays, 6:30-8:00 pm
Long Time Sun Yoga in Fairview
$90 for series (payments possible)
$18 Drop-ins

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Long before belly dance was a performance art, women and men practiced sacred belly dance as a form of Internal Alchemy.  The term “Alchemy” simply means transforming one substance into another.  In the case of “Internal Alchemy”, we transform ourselves.  Belly dance connects us with the subtle energy in our core, where our Divine Life Force burns warm and bright.  The dancing ripples this life force energy out of our core to cleanse old wounds (physically and energetically)~ transforming us into brighter, stronger, more loving beings.

In a safe, non-competitive atmosphere, this series will focus on the specifics of using belly dance as Internal Alchemy:  circulating the Life Force, focusing the mind, staying embodied while uniting with the greater Divine Spirit, directing energy in different ways for different effects, expanding consciousness and coping with the purification process (the “dross”).

All genders are welcome above the age of 13.


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