The Roots of Belly Dance



The Roots of Belly Dance:
Body, Mind and Soul

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6-week Series starts March 15th
Thursdays, 6:30-8:00 pm
Long Time Sun Yoga in Fairview
$90 for series (payments possible)
$18 Drop-ins

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Long before belly dance was a performance art, women and men belly danced in sacred ceremonies and celebrations.  This class teaches the ancient art as it was originally intended, for well-being of body, mind, Spirit and tribe.

Belly dance is a powerful technique for self-healing.  The movements stimulate the life force energy, causing it to circulate around the body to cleanse physical ailments as well as emotional wounds.  Through the deep awareness that the dance brings us, we can learn to hear our bodies’ wisdom and direct the life force energy to heal ourselves of specific past traumas.  The dance is a thorough workout for our entire body, tremendously strengthening to our core muscles, enhancing our balance, grace and flexibility.  Because the dance can be done as gently or vigorously as desired, the movements are wonderful for any age or physical capacity.

This class will also focus on belly dance as a sacred art, allowing us to experience ourselves as whole, unified beings.  We can practice the art of being human – how being firmly grounded in our physical bodies allows us to more fully open up to Divine Love.  Belly dance teaches us to be moving bridges between these worlds of earth and Spirit, and therefore live to our highest potential.

The atmosphere of the class is meditative, light and joyful – allowing us to enjoy each other in the dance and connect as community.  The class will include some sweet group dances from traditional, tribal movements.
All genders over the age of 15 are welcome~

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