The Roots of Belly Dance



The Roots of Belly Dance:
Grounding in the Earth

Your First Class Ever with Me is FREE !!
6-week Series starts April 26th
Thursdays, 6:30-8:00 pm
Long Time Sun Yoga in Fairview
$90 for series (payments possible)
$18 Drop-ins

*Pre-Registration Required, see details below*

Long before belly dance was a performance art, women and men belly danced in sacred ceremonies and celebrations.  This class teaches the ancient art as it was originally intended, for well-being of body, mind and soul.

This series will be focused on belly dance as a way to ground into earth energies.  We will be exploring our day to day earth connection, the influence of technology and modern living on our bodies / minds / souls, experience what being “grounded” really feels like and how to use the movements to draw the nourishment and rhythm of the earth into our bodies.  The main intention of the series is to cultivate respect and love for ourselves using Mama Earth’s love as a guide.

The atmosphere of the class is meditative, light and joyful – allowing us to enjoy and uplift each other as a community.  All genders over the age of 15 are welcome~

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