Sacred & Healing Belly Dance
Beginner Series

Due to a high retention rate of students, beginner classes are only offered once or twice a year.  There is currently no group class for complete beginners.  If interested in learning as a beginner, you may email Michelle to schedule 2 or 3 private lessons and practice with the Healing Belly Dance Basics Online Course.  After that, we will assess if you need to take any more private lessons or if you are ready to join an Intermediate class.  You may also organize a small group of beginner women to take private lessons together, and split the cost!

One Private Lesson for $80
Three Private Lession for $225

The ancient art of belly dance for self-healing and prayer.  Fundamental posture and movements will be taught, with a focus on embodiment, self-awareness and self-love.  All genders aged 15 and over are welcome. 

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Beginner Series

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Beginner Series
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One Private Lesson
Email Michelle to schedule a lesson

Three Private Lessons
Email Michelle to schedule a lesson


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