When I began preparing to become pregnant for the first time, I studied belly dancing for 2 years prior because I knew that it was created for women to assist in the birth process.  I was mesmerized by historical accounts of mothers dancing during labor with their tribeswomen dancing around them and how gently and lovingly the babies were brought forth.  I continued dancing and teaching during my entire pregnancy. The dancing brought me great relaxation and kept my body supple and graceful.

During labor, the dancing helped me to attain a primal state of mind where I felt absolute trust in my body’s natural wisdom.  I felt completely fearless and empowered to flow with the process.  I delivered my first daughter smoothly and safely at home in 2 and a half hours. 

When I became pregnant again, I trained with Stephanie Larsen of Dancing for Birth to gain more knowledge of why dancing assists so dramatically in the birth process.  I again danced and taught through my entire pregnancy.  Being more educated in how dancing assists both the baby and mother, I danced through my second labor with a deep joy and a quiet mind.  Using specific movements, I consciously quickened the time between contractions and dislodged and turned my baby from her stuck position in my pelvic bone. I was surprised to be holding my 2nd daughter in my arms in 90 minutes!

I am deeply committed to sharing this simple, ancient practice and my own personal experiences with women.  Always inspired by the magic and power of dance, I am awestruck by how greatly it can ease birth.  Mothers are powerful and sensual as they sway and stand strong, rolling their bellies into contractions to bring forth new life. I am thankful for how much personal power we have in this process and am passionate about sharing this knowledge to ease births for both mothers and babies.