“Dancing during my labor was a deeply profound experience.  I never thought that I would be able to dance through the contractions, but I did, and it was so helpful.  As soon as I began dancing, the pain eased and my contractions became regular.  The dancing helped me to ground into my body and progress my labor.” ~ Julie MacMahan

“I danced for hours and hours in labor. It kept me connected to my inner self, made me feel like a goddess, and helped me remember the women in my life who were sending strength and love. Dancing (especially in the hospital) kept me primal which in turn gave me strength.” ~ Ashley Paige Lee

“As a professional birth doula and bodyworker for many years, people kept saying to me during my pregnancy “Well, you know all the tricks, right!.” Beyond choosing a stellar birth team, the biggest “trick” I knew to have up my sleeve was belly dance! I had seen first hand how optomizing pelvic mobility and movement during pregnancy and labor can be the key ingredient that sets up mom and babies likelihood of having a straightforward birth. Bellydance classes not only provided a place for me to drop out of my head and into my body and ideal labor prep, it was also a very sweet time of bonding with other like minded pregnant Moms. It was truly nourishing on all levels! While my own birth experience was thankfully uncomplicated on paper, it felt very long and hard for me. I must have done about a thousand figure eights! I kept coming back to the dance when I lost my center. Now postpartum and baby wearing, I do figure eights and it soothes my little one! I cannot recommend Michelle’s classes enough to every pregnant Mama! There is ancient wisdom here that is accessible and applicable to every body!” ~ Emily Rose Sullivan

“I took Michelle’s class most of my 2nd pregnancy and I largely credit this approach … with our successful VBAC.  Even with an epidural and after 9 hours of sitting at 9+cm, I realized I was able to move my hips in such a way that encouraged a shift out of the stalled labor.  Our son was born less than an hour later!  I was completely amazed at how quickly the change happened and how I could feel him moving down and out.  I’m so grateful for the body awareness that this class helped me find during a time that could have been one of stress and overwhelm.  Birth dancing was definitely a worthwhile tool to have in our labor toolbox!”   ~ Anne K.

“Thank you so much for your gifts as a dance teacher, a community leader, and an empathetic group facilitator. I have truly enjoyed your classes and they have brought me not only physical health but also spiritual and mental calm. Plus I also feel like a sexy goddess! I’ve always struggled with body image. These classes have helped me deal with that during a time when my body very much does not look like the way western culture says a woman’s body should. I look forward to continuing this practice after baby is born and also to connecting with you.” ~ Sarah S.

“I was so grateful to have Michelle at my birth! She helped me stay with my body and move even though I was having back labor! She was also a soft, nurturing mama energy that I so needed during my most sacred birth process. I would highly recommend using her services to support a beautiful birth and enhancing trust in the feminine body!” ~ Lindsey Spratt

“During the 6.5 hours laboring at the hospital, I used the dancing both when I felt the need to move my hips, which felt great, and also several times when I was distracted and wanted to speed labor back up. I remembered that you had recommended the top-down undulations for bringing on contractions — they worked intensely and immediately! I used some of the hip movements even after I got into the tub. (There were also times I didn’t want to speed up so I didn’t move so strongly for a minute and got a breather!) Having experience of birth dancing really made me feel more empowered and in control. And it made it more fun, too! I felt like I had a secret card up my sleeve…”  ~ Emily Caltvedt Scheider

“Michelle’s birth dancing classes were such a sweet part of my pregnancy journey. It felt so valuable and even sacred to spend time moving my body in delicious ways with her wise guidance. I connected much more to my body through dancing, and became more aware of the energy contained in my pelvis and pelvic floor. I was able to bring this awareness and movement into my labor, which helped me to integrate the contractions and support the progression of my labor. And, our healthy baby girl was able to be born at home, which we are so grateful for!” ~ Adrian Carrie Jonas

“I had a profoundly different birthing experience this time around because I tapped into ancient practices that Michelle taught me how to use.  I danced through all 3 hours of my labor (compared to 15 with my first baby) and “Om”ed through each contraction.  My family in the waiting room thought I was in there singing!  Michelle’s emphasis on the openness of the throat during birth along with the practice labors we did in class all clicked in when the real thing came.  I then had two hours of pushing due to complications, and it took every mindful, grounding practice I learned in this class to get me through.  If it weren’t for these skills, I would likely have needed medical intervention.  I’m so grateful to have found Michelle’s classes – and that sacred belly dancing is a part of my beautiful birth story.”  ~ Nesta Kennedy

“My mindbody loved dancing…and your Beingness, so comfortable and grounded in your own body.  You really held sacred space for us and my selves and baby are grateful.”  ~ Lisa Deemer

“I really enjoyed every aspect of the class, especially that it’s helped me get so much more in touch with my body and baby.  Its benefited me in more ways that I could count… it’s helped me bring balance to my mind, body and soul.” ~ Myriam Brannen

“Moving my body in this way has helped me process a lot of sadness and allowed me to rejoice in my current pregnancy.” ~ Molly Rouse

“I love your enthusiasm, skill and knowledge about birth dancing! I think all pregnant women can benefit from this.  The class really helped me focus throughout the week on having better posture…which in turn has led to less lower back & hip issues.  I also feel more confident going into labor/childbirth.”  ~ Jess Mund

“I benefited from this class more than words can say.  I grew more aware of my body and its constant changes, got to give my baby the gift of flow and massage (undulations!) and the confidence to move more freely during labor.”  ~ Miriah Lantz-Wagner