Re-storing the Trinity: Part 2 What is Missing? Nothing!

Last month, my community and I buried our beloved friend Kim-chi.  Now everyone is unique, but some people, I say, are more unique than others.  Kim-chi was one of those exceptional beings.  (Who else has been struck by lightening… TWICE?!  And lived to tell both tales!!)  Her funeral was like her life ~ full of color, raw emotion, community connection and song.  And her funeral, like her life, was inspiring.  As I watched the day unfold, I realized that a Part 2 of my blog was being written….

Re-storing the Trinity through Embodiment

Preface:  In the following, the word “feminine” does not equate to “woman” and the word “masculine” does not equate to “men.”  Any comments about Christianity refers to the institutionalized religion, not individual Christians.

Driving home from teaching belly dance classes, I have taken up a rather bizarre practice of listening to Christian talk radio.  Scanning through stations, I learned that the Christians fill their nighttime air with experts talking about what it means to be Christian. After spending my childhood as a reluctant Catholic, I spent the next 3 decades mostly tuning out Christian philosophy in search of something that felt more loving, truthful and whole to me.  However, today, living in the mountains of North Carolina, I discovered that these Christian stations total one-third of all available radio stations.  I began listening out of sheer fascination with this fact.