“What joy!!!  One of the best dance experiences I’ve ever, ever had.  I felt totally free to express myself fully from the first class to the beautiful culmination when all our spirits melded!  What a gift you give, Michelle!!  You’re so full of joy and love and teach so excellently by your example.”  -Beth

“This class has possibly been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I feel so empowered now. I feel good about myself. I remember laying in bed after one class and thinking ‘I love my body!’ For someone who grew up loathing herself, this has been a radical transformation. I’m so hooked!” – Alithea

“I have tapped into a new piece of my soul which I was never able to access before.  I find you, Michelle, to be an extraordinarily inspiring woman and I admire your beauty, strength and devotion.  You have a playful, child-like essence which is refreshing and wonderful to experience.  I feel like I am in much better communication with my body, mind, heart and soul.”  – Kerri  

“Michelle is gifted at leading her students into trance while dancing for healing, rejuvenation and spiritual cultivation. I have experienced profound states of divine love, swirling warmth and pure enjoyment of being. Simply put, dancing with Michelle makes me feel ALIVE!” – Virginia

“I love my sweet sisters at my women’s sacred sexuality circle. Tonight was our third class and everyone got real and shared from the soul. It is a beautiful thing when woman come together as equals, sharing their journey and bearing their deepest secrets, fears and desires. Especially when the leader is just as open, honest, real and non-judgmental as the rest of us. Thank you, Michelle Dionne, for creating such a safe, beautiful and sacred space for us all to heal.” – Amy

“Michelle offers a style of dance that is rare in these times: the ancient, woman-honoring roots of bellydance. With a grounded and caring tone, she gently guides students to strengthen, heal, and love their bodies.”

“Thank you so much for this sacred journey… your gentleness and comfort with your own body really sets a beautiful tone and creates a safe space for us to be with our own bodies.” – Jamina

“I loved your classes.  You did a beautiful job  – words could never express the totality of my joy,  Your ideas are wonderful.  You really managed to unite everyone through movement and abolish boundaries of fear and inhibition.”  – Aileen  

“Thank you for making it feel like a safe place to be myself. As females, we are taught to always compare ourselves to other females. Here, that doesn’t exist.” – Traci

“I’ve always shied away from feeling strong as a woman. Just being in your presence and having your encouragement has opened a door that I thankfully cannot close. For that, I am so grateful.” – Idoia

“You have a way that lets others feel your love and radiance just pouring out and I really loved seeing that as an example of how to be.  You gifted me in many ways.  Thank you.” – Denise

“I am still so awed with the peace and beauty that emanates from you and around you.  I am so grateful to have been in your company and part of the dancing circle.” – Arline

“You and this class are magical.  Thank you so much for sharing!”  – Abby

“The divine feminine in fluid motion.” – Julia

“I am so grateful that I found this class! I feel so much more connected to my body and I’m finding more acceptance of my body. Belly dance is healing the wounded places within me and allowing myself to open up more. I love the music, the sensuality of the movements and the sisterhood that grows between us as we dance together.” – Tamara

“This class has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Michelle’s teaching style deeply resonates and I love that the environment is one of healing and sisterhood. I have found myself more confident and highly recommend these classes to others who want deep inner core work and self-reflection.” – Nalina

“This is magic medicine!! I feel a deep connection to the sacred feminine within me growing and opening and waking up… This practice has been very precious and your teaching style is so perfect, loving, skilled and comfortable.” – Christina

“I felt authentic (which is what I wanted) about myself – probably for the 1st time in my life.” – Cheryl

“Michelle takes belly dance to a level I have never before experienced. She imbues her teaching with a spiritual element, wherein class feels like an honoring of the divine feminine within and without. She fulfills the much needed role of Priestess, helping to create a space where women have the permission and safety to explore not just their bodies, but the energy moving through them. My toned abs are truly just an added bonus.”  -Jenna Rose

“I can’t stop moving my hips! Michelle has helped me remember the wisdom that lives in my body and through class I invoke this power, ask it to come out and dance with me. I find myself moving my hips when I feel stressed or otherwise not ‘in my body’ and immediately I unlock that place and dip into ease, grace and breath. I am so grateful to Michelle’s class because I know I can’t look at my belly again with any shred of shame, I have a belly dancer’s belly and what’s sexier than that?!” – Julia

“Belly dance class with Michelle has been deeply and personally transformative for me. It has helped me to heal old wounds of shame around being in a female body, and has empowered me in reclaiming my sensuality and my passion for dance. Each time I come to class with Michelle, I feel transported to a different place, where it is safe for me to feel held, both in my strength and in my wounds. From that place, deep healing has been possible, as well as lots of laughter, play, and nourishing connection.” – Lily Moon

“Love, love, love Michelle’s work.  Technically strong yet meets you where you are in a loving, healing way to build strength inside and out.  Highly recommended.”  – Sherri
“My experience of Michelle’s belly dance class was totally empowering. She created a supportive container for us to connect with our bodies and develop core strength through dancing. The class was challenging, richly rewarding, and facilitated deep healing. Michelle’s loving guidance is truly a gem!” – Marissa

“After 3 years of healing my body from cancer, Michelle’s class has given me the pleasure of experiencing my body once again as joyful, strong and balanced.  Michelle’s deep compassion for my suffering and ability to help me rise above it, through gentle enccouragement, understanding and humor towards complete healing, has been a great gift to me through this difficult life passage.  Thank you, Michelle.” – Kala Joy