Birth Preparation:
Private Sessions for
Expectant Parents

Private Sessions are 90 minutes long and can address whatever needs the client desires, whether simply working on your birth dancing technique, addressing emotional issues arising as you face birth, communication with the spirit of your child or general guidance in birth and parenting.  Sessions can be for just 1 parent or both.  Sessions can include guided movements for addressing emotional issues or simple discussion.  Sessions can occur at Michelle’s home or online.

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Michelle strongly recommends scheduling 3 sessions to address a particular issue (each session 2-4 weeks apart).  Upon payment, Michelle will send you a calendar link to schedule your sessions. 
If financial constraints are sincerely upon you, please email me to work out a feasible price for you.

SPECIAL NOTE ON COST:  During our current global health crisis, I am offering Private Sessions on a Sliding Scale.  If this scale still does not suit your financial needs, please email me to work out a feasible price for you.  Sessions are currently only available online.

Disclaimer:  By scheduling and/or paying for Private Birth Preparation session(s), you confirm that you have read and agree to the Disclaimer at this link.


Private Birth Dance / Prep Sessions: Sliding Scale Options

More Details for Private Sessions Addressing Emotional Issues Arising From Birth…

Giving birth and becoming a parent (whether for the first time or not) is one of the most enormous life transitions that we can go through.  Many deep fears, anxieties and unresolved wounds can surface during this time to challenge our journey.  Michelle conducts private sessions with expectant parents to face the specific fears and wounds that are arising.  Sessions are geared toward whatever particular needs each parent has (healing wounds, facing fears, clearing emotional blocks, connecting as couples, creating a birth plan, post-natal guidance, etc.).

Sessions can include a mixture of talking and movement, or just discussion.  Serving as a spirit medium, Michelle can also communicate with the spirit of your child. Michelle guides couples through exploring their issues surrounding parenthood to get to the heart of the matter.  From there, emotions can be released, traumas can be resolved and the path can be cleared for a more joyful, peaceful rite of passage into parenthood.  As a mother of 3, Michelle also offers mentorship and advice to parents.

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