Birth Preparation

Birth Preparation:
Private Sessions for Expectant Parents

Giving birth and becoming a parent (whether for the first time or not) is one of the most enormous life transitions that we can go through.  Many deep fears, anxieties and unresolved wounds can surface during this time to challenge our journey.  Michelle conducts private sessions with expectant parents to face the specific fears and wounds that are arising.

The sessions are each 90 minutes long and include a mixture of verbal sharing and movement.  Michelle guides couples through exploring their issues surrounding parenthood to get to the heart of the matter.  From there, emotions can be released, traumas can be resolved and the path can be cleared for a more joyful, peaceful rite of passage into parenthood.  As a mother of 3, Michelle also offers mentorship and advice to parents.

These private sessions are done completely by donation (people usually give between $75-150).  Sessions usually occur at Michelle’s home or online, though other locations are possible.

E-mail Michelle to schedule a session.

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