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The videos are accessible through Google Drive for the number of months you select.  After payment, you will receive an email with a link to access the video(s).   If your paypal email is different from the email address you would like to gain access from, then please send me a message at michelle@themandorla.com to let me know.  Access will ONLY be granted from the email address you provide for the number of months you paid for.  Before your access time is up, you will receive a reminder email if you wish to extend your access with another payment.  Enjoy!

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Healing Belly Dance Basics
Online Video Course

An introductory course on the art of belly dance for healing your body, mind and spirit. There are 26 videos with detailed instructions of the moves, 3 full practice classes, stretching and moving meditations.  The course also contains essays, complementary exercises and resources.  This is a learn-at-your-own pace course, intended for the beginner, though the course is beneficial for those more experienced as well.

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for $20

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for $50

6 Months of Access
for $90

Imbolc (Mid-winter) Dance
Recording of Online Ceremony

Imbolc (mid-winter) is half-way between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, a time of the deep, dark, cold as we move back towards the sun.  When we move with the energy of the earth’s trip around the sun, Imbolc gives us the opportunity to delve deep into our past, face buried wounds, release emotions and glean the lessons from those trials so that we can emerge in springtime with more vitality and wisdom.  Intended for those with a familiarity of the basic movements of healing belly dance, this ceremony is 40 minutes of talking about the energy of Imbolc and 1 hour of prayer through movement.

One Month of Access
for $5 – $10

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3 Months of Access
for $15 – $25

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Links to Live Classes

For people new to healing belly dance, I strongly recommend joining a live class or private session so that I can assist you with getting the basic posture and movements correctly to avoid any strain to your body.  Live offerings are below.