The image of the mandorla (which literally means “almond” in Italian) represents union. It is perhaps the most ancient sacred symbol known to humankind, said to have been inscribed on the Ark of the Covenant. Also known as the Vesica Piscis, it symbolizes the sacred geometrical pattern of life on Earth. The 2 smaller circles represent earth and sky ~ or body and soul ~ or the physical and spirutal planes ~ or the feminine and masculine energies. These 2 circles have opposing energies which magnetize them to each other. They interlock within the larger circle, which represents the totality of existence. The creative power that ignites in the overlap (the “almond” or birth canal) is the basic matrix for all life on earth.

Learning to be a bridge between earth and spirit is one of the fundamental lessons and destinies of being human. By balancing these 2 worlds, humans can discover the deeper truths within themselves as well as gain glimpses of the greater mysteries of the Cosmos. We can only gain true spiritual insight and growth by grounding into our own physical bodies, the current residence of our souls. The 2 realms are inextricable.

The Mandorla school teaches this fundamental approach to better understand our true, complete selves within the larger whole through dance and ceremony. Through the practice of sacred dance, we can learn to create a bridge from deep within our bodies to all that exists outside of it. In this holistic state, we can communicate with all parts of ourselves, understand our true essence, discover our life’s calling, transform and heal ourselves.

The Chalice Well at Glastonbury

Porta Della Mandorla in Florence
Mother Mary Ascending to Heaven

Yeshua (Christ) in Mandorla
Chartres Cathedral, France

Rosario con Meditazioni, circa 1308
in St. Jean Cap Ferrat, France
Jesus and Mary (Magdalene, presumably) in Mandorla

The Mandorla Path
in Glastonbury

The Mandorla Pools
in Glastonbury

The Madonna in Mandorla
Cave Painting