Sex, Love and Dance

Sex, Love and Dance Monthly Retreats

The health of our sexuality influences every aspect of our lives.  These retreats are devoted to healing our sexuality through love and dance ~ returning to a natural, pleasurable, loving experience of our sexual essence.  Each month will include honest discussion, self-inquiry, guided movement, free-form dance, Sacred Sexuality teachings and a Question and Answer time.  Sacred Sexuality theories and techniques are based upon ancient Egyptian Sacred Sexuality as well as Michelle and Brent’s personal experience.

Each month will have a different theme, listed below...  Special details for all retreats listed at the end.

March Retreat:
Sex and Body Image

Sat., March 11 from 10-5
Cost: $85-160 sliding scale

Our feelings about our bodies deeply affect our sexual lives.  If we suffer from body shame, then we also suffer from sexual shame.  This retreat is devoted to healing the psyche’s relationship with the body in order to enhance our sexual pleasure.  Through cleansing the shame imposed upon us, we can return to our natural state of loving our bodies and sexuality.

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April Retreat:
Honoring the God and Goddess

Sat., April 1 from 10-5
Cost: $85-160 sliding scale

Harboring prejudices or anger against the opposite or same sex prevents us from deep union.  True union requires respect and compassion for the journey of both genders.  This retreat will cover gender stereotypes, how both genders have been oppressed, working through conflict, choosing partners and truly honoring yourself and your partner as a Divine face of the God or Goddess.

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May Retreat:
Balancing the Natural Elements

Sat., May 6 at 10am – Sun, May 7 at noon
Cost: $160 – 250 sliding scale

This weekend retreat will focus on activating and balancing the 5 Natural Elements (water, earth, fire, air and Spirit) within our sexuality.  We will discuss each element in detail then move that element to activate it within ourselves.  We will discover which elements are easy for us and which need strengthening.  The weekend will include a fire ceremony with live drumming and optional camping.

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June Retreat:
Sacred Relationship

Sat., June 3 from 10-5
Cost: $85-160 sliding scale

The path of sexual healing and Sacred Sexuality requires the commitment of both (or all) partners.  This commitment extends past sex to the “mundane” world of day-to-day relationship.  This retreat will cover the importance of this commitment, honest communication, working peacefully through conflict, choosing partners and monogamy vs. polyamory.

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July Retreat:
Earth Connection

Sat., July 8 from 10-5
Cost: $85-160 sliding scale

Living a life disconnected from the Earth means a disconnection from the body, our natural desires and our sexual essence.  This disconnection creates conflict on all levels, a fight or flight against who we truly are.  This retreat will explore how to connect more deeply with our primal sexual essence through cultivating a true connection with the Earth, beyond “New Age lip service.”  We will examine our lifestyle in relationship to food, technology and Nature.

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August Retreat:
Trust and Surrender

Sat., Aug. 12 at 10am – Sun, Aug. 13 at noon
Cost: $160 – 250 sliding scale

In this weekend retreat, we will learn about how the Divine Feminine has been squelched in our culture and how that has affected our connection with our bodies, intimate relationships, spirituality and sexuality.  We will learn how to become better aware of our bodies’ needs and desires and how to surrender into the vast, infinite mystery of our Divine sexual selves.  The weekend includes specific movements to open into trust, how to use the mind as an ally, a fire ceremony and optional camping.

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September Retreat:
Sex and Parenting

Sat., September 9 from 10-5
Cost: $85-160 sliding scale

Parents maintaining a deep, vibrant sexual connection is important in raising children in a happy, peaceful home.  Whatever sexual vibration exists between parents will be passed on to children energetically.  This retreat covers devoting time to sexual connection, making it a priority, talking to your children about sex and natural birth control methods.

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October Retreat:
Resolving Trauma through Pleasure

Sat., October 7 from 10-5
Cost: $85-160 sliding scale

The electro-magnetics created by sexual pleasure (whether with another or alone) are the most powerful form of healing available to us.  All past traumas that we have not resolved remain lodged in the body in electro-magnetic patterns.  Triggers we experience in the present send our bodies and emotions into the same traumatic patterns.  This retreat will cover how embodied practices like sacred sexuality and dance can resolve these traumatic energy patterns.

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November Retreat:
Shame into Power

Sat., Nov. 4 at 10am – Sun, Nov. 5 at noon
Cost: $160 – 250 sliding scale

In this weekend retreat, we will explore how the sexual shame / abuse that we have suffered can be transformed into fertile compost for us to grow into our full power.   By letting grief, anger and fear express themselves through our emotional and physical bodies, we open ourselves to receive the specific messages they have for us.   When we can understand their lessons, we gain insight into why we had the specific experiences that we have had.  We then free these patterns to be transformed, feeding the full expression of ourselves and our gifts for the world.  This retreat will include a fire ceremony and optional camping.

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Details for All Retreats:

* Lead by Michelle Dionne with Brent Hickey at their off-the-grid homestead in Black Mountain, NC.

* All retreats are clothing-on, no sexual touching events ~ for all genders and orientations, dancers and non-dancers alike, whether you are currently in sexual relationship or not.

* All retreats are confidential with limited space.

* Cost includes gluten-free meals (and camping for weekend retreats).  Payments are refundable / transferrable up until 10 days before the retreat (unless there are extenuating circumstances).  Transferred credit must be used within 3 months.

* Scholarship Fund – If you give the maximum amount on the sliding scale, a portion of your payment will go into a scholarship fund for those in financial need.  For those in sincere financial need, please inquire about the availability of scholarship funds.

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