Sex and Intimacy

Sex and Intimacy:
Loving Through Conflict

Saturday, February 11 from 10am – 5pm
at Earthaven Ecovillage
Lead by Michelle Dionne and Steve Torma
Early Bird Cost (before January 14) = $85
Cost After January 14 =  $105
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Join us to explore practical, embodied techniques to help us remain centered and loving while in the fires of conflict.  In this day-long retreat, we will employ honest discussion, movement and intimacy exercises to learn about the role of conflict in our lives and how to resolve conflict more peacefully and efficiently.

First, we will deeply examine our patterns in conflict and how our culture, human evolution and families have influenced these patterns.  Asking ourselves “what pushes our buttons?,” we will face the tricky business of triggers to discern past wounds from present reality.  Through moving self-inquiry, we will peel back the layers of our emotions to discover what is truly going on for us at the core of our being.  From there, we can embrace conflict as an integral part of our journey to becoming more loving, compassionate people.

This retreat will present us with keys and techniques to moving through conflict from our center of love.  We will learn how to:
* truly stay centered and grounded in the body
* remain aware of our body’s cues and messages to us in conflict
* create a list of tools to bring us back into our bodies while in conflict
* delve into the layers of emotions to find out how deeper, unresolved emotions are affecting us
* express anger, grief and fear in healthy ways to more effectively work through conflict
* use the mind as an ally when we get triggered ~ how to view the past, the present and the future * realities
* discover the magic that occurs when we stay present and embodied during conflict ~ that the solution usually reveals itself
* remember that love is at the root of all our emotions and conflict~ when we can focus on love, we can more easily move through to resolution

This is a clothing-on, no sexual touching event for all genders, whether currently in intimate partnership or not.

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