Sacred Dance Immersion 2020


A  four month journey of healing through movement


Includes 3 weekend workshops and 3 private sessions


Dive deeply into the ancient tradition of ceremonial dance to bring forth personal transformation. Learn traditional healing dance moves from around the world and explore your own free form style. Experience how to ground into your body, use your mind as an ally, and hear the guidance from your soul. Using a framework of the 5 Natural Elements and Internal Alchemy techniques, we will dance to transform our wounds back into love and Divine power.


The 2020 Immersion has been postponed and will be redesigned and rescheduled.  If you are interested in a deep healing Sacred Dance journey, please email me at



I am so grateful to be offering a deeper opportunity in sacred dance as a technique for healing and transformation ~ with more connection and support between dancers.  Each participant will focus on a specific personal issue that they wish to transform, getting guidance in private sessions and support from the group during the weekends. The space will be limited to help create a close-knit group.


Who is this Immersion for?
The Immersion is available to anyone (aged 18 and over) who wishes to heal any type of wound ~ whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  To answer the question that keeps coming to me, YES, this is an appropriate space for those recovering from trauma or sexual abuse, but not limited to those recovering from trauma or sexual abuse.  All manner of wounds and emotional or behavioral patterns can be addressed, whether they be stemming from this lifetime, past lifetimes or ancestral lineage.  All participants are expected to be supportive ~ helping to hold a safe, confidential space for any and all issues to be met with compassion and kindness.


Do I need dance experience?
It is not required.  However, I strongly recommend that you have completed at least one 6-week series of belly dance with me.  We will dance several world dances, but we will definitely rely greatly on belly dance as a tremendously powerful dance for moving the Life Force to create healing.  Since belly dance can be challenging to begin, I highly encourage you to complete one full series with me before beginning the Immersion.  Information and registration for weekly classes are available through this link.


What is the format for the Immersion?
First Private Session ~
The first private session will serve to identify the specific issue that is up and ready to be addressed through the Immersion (for example, a traumatic incident, physical ailment, eating disorder, anxiety, ancestral healing, etc).  This issue will provide the focus for your specific journey of healing.   All private sessions will include:  1) Michelle communicating with your spirit guides and ancestral helpers,  2) Michelle viewing your energy body and  3) a guided, meditative series of movements created for your specific needs (ie. if you need to connect with your body, there will be grounding movements).   Full details of private sessions are at this link.  (Participants are welcome to schedule more than 3 private sessions during the Immersion, at an extra cost of $80 for 1 session or $210 for 3 sessions.)


First Weekend Workshop ~
Introductions, opening ceremony and sharing
What makes a dance a sacred dance?
What are the basics of Internal Alchemy?
The 5 Natural Elements as a framework for healing and balancing
A focus on the Fire Element (dancing fire movements through layers of anger, dissolving them into compassion and joy)
A focus on the Water Element (dancing water movements through layers of grief, transforming them into gratitude)


Second Private Session ~
The second private session will serve as a way to check in with Michelle personally about your experiences during the weekend workshops, seek guidance from your spirit helpers, ask questions and learn movements specific for furthering your healing journey.


Second Weekend Workshop ~
Opening ceremony, check-in, and sharing
A deep look at the purpose of fear in our lives and the energetic vortex of trauma triggers
An examination of
the connection between our body image and our connection with the earth
A focus on the Earth Element (dancing earth movements through layers of fear, shifting them into lessons of presence and love)
A deeper study of Internal Alchemy and the role of the mind in the healing process
A focus on the Air Element (dancing air movements through layers of shame, purifying them into Divine power)


Third Weekend Workshop ~
Opening ceremony, check-in, and sharing

What is the subtle body?  What is the Life Force flow?
A focus on the Ether Element (dancing ether movements to connect with our subtle body, circulate the Life Force Flow and direct the Life Force to create certain healing effects in the body)
Ceremonial dance through all 5 Elements (hopefully with live drumming!)
How do I hear my Divine Self guiding me?  How do I call upon and utilize my Spirit Guides and Ancestors through Dance?
Closing Ceremony


Third Private Session ~
The third private session will serve as a follow-up to your experiences during the weekend workshops ~ seeking guidance from your spirit helpers, asking questions, receiving feedback and recommendations on how to move forward after the Immersion.



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