Girls' Belly Dance

Girls’ Belly Dance

For girls aged 10-15
Details TBA, Seeking Space
If interested, please email Michelle

In a fun and supportive atmosphere, this class teaches a traditional, non-performance style of belly dance.  In Middle Eastern cultures, girls begin learning belly dance in their pre-adolescent and adolescent years to help them transition gracefully into womanhood ~ with awareness, respect and wisdom about their bodies.  All the fundamentals of belly dance will be covered – posture, isolations, fluid movements, shimmies, simple combinations and fun group dances.

The class will also include time to discuss how belly dance helps to:
1) strengthen core muscles, balance and fluidity
2) create a deep sense of body awareness and intuition
3) foster self-love, confidence and a positive body image
4) express emotions in a healthy, balanced way
5) create bonds of sisterhood
6) ease symptoms of moon-time (menstruation)

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(Payments are refundable / transferrable up until 10 days before the class ~ unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Transferred credit must be used within 3 months.)

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