Healing Belly Dance Basics

Online Video Course

An introductory course on how belly dance can bring healing to your body, mind and spirit ~ as well as teaching you fundamental movements. There are 25 videos with detailed instructions of the moves, 3 full practice classes and moving meditations.  You can watch the videos anytime, as many times as you wish.  The course also contains essays, complementary exercises and resource links.  This is a learn-at-your-own pace course designed to last at least 3 months, though there is enough information to last longer.  It is intended for the absolute beginner to Healing Belly Dance, though the course is also beneficial for those more experienced.
COST:   Monthly Subscription = $30 / month (just a dollar a day!)
Annual Subscription = $300 / year
DISCOUNTS:   Coupon codes are given to regular students of classes or private sessions.


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