cleopatraSacred dance is ancient – perhaps the first form of healing and prayer along with rhythm and song.  This dance is a reminder that our lives, our bodies, our existence are a gift from something much larger than us – something that we can only understand through our hearts and bodies.  By fully sinking into our bodies, we can transcend them and realize our true state of being – absolute union with all that is, beloved child of the Great Mother and Father, consciousness manifest, pure love and light.  This gift of dance is available to all of us regardless of physical conditions or economic circumstances.  This gift of dance is proof that our Creator is loving and that we are that love embodied.

Dance is a powerful tool for self-healing.  Because of the modern trauma our bodies undergo, our inclination is often to “leave” our bodies to try to escape the pain. However, the truth is that our healing power lies only deep within our bodies. When we tune into our bodies, minds and feelings while dancing, we can learn where we are stuck and where we are drained.  We then use the movements to free up blockages and create better balance.  We can release negative patterns, awaken buried parts of ourselves and discover bliss in our bodies.  By putting aside inhibitions, self-judgments, and conditioned responses, we can let our spirits dance us free.

The dancing is a blend of guided free-form exercises and specific dance steps from sacred and healing traditions around the world – West African, North African, belly dance, Native American, salsa, samba, hula, sufi, etc.