Healing Dance: body, mind and soul

Healing Dance:
for body, mind and soul

Sat, September 1st
from 2:30-4:30
at The Shift Studio, Hendersonville
Cost: $25

To Register:  Contact Heather at theshifthendo@gmail.com

Moving body, mind and soul as one can unlock messages essential to our healing journey.  In this introductory workshop, we will learn how to tune into our bodies in order to hear guidance from our soul.  We will explore what blocks us mentally and emotionally from being our whole, true selves and how that affects us physically.  We will then dance to loosen up the blocks and create more space for living joyfully.

The dancing is a blend of traditional world dances and guided free-form movements.  For people of any physical capacity, the movements have deep healing effects whether done gently or vigorously.

All women and men welcome above the age of 13 – no dance experience is necessary.


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