Belly Dance and Sex Magic

Belly Dance and Sex Magic:
The Power and Pleasure of Subtlety

Saturday, Feb 25th from 10am – 5pm
at Body, Mind, Shift in Charlotte, NC
Cost: $125
To REGISTER: Visit this link and scroll down
Limited Space and fills up quickly!

Subtlety is essential to reaching ecstatic states of sexual pleasure.  We cannot achieve the infinite fiery passion available to us without the necessary kindling.  In lovemaking, it is the subtle energy body which moves to create healing and Divine Union.  Connecting with the subtle body through belly dance can help open us into a vast world of pleasure in our sexual lives.

One of the main reasons belly dance was created was to enhance sexual pleasure and connect with our Divine Power.  Much of the dance is based upon movements which occur naturally during sex.  Both belly dance and Sex Magic circulate the life force energy around the body for cleansing, vitalizing and reaching expanded states of Consciousness. Belly dance can teach us how to feel our subtle energy flow and direct it with specific movements.

Sex Magic teachings are based upon the ancient Egyptian Sex Magic of Isis, as well as Michelle’s personal experience. The Sex Magic of Isis differs from other forms of sacred sexuality, because of its focus on love.  The physical body and energetic body are inextricably linked.  If sex is purely physical without a loving connection, then there is no magic.  A steadfast intention of loving must be present for true Union and transformation to occur; the Spirit is moved by love.  

Our day of juicy exploration will include:
belly dance movements to connect with the subtle energy flow
practice holding a loving, healing intent during sex
moving self-inquiry to explore our blocks against surrender, trust and love
specific movements to create specific effects on the subtle energy body
a Question and Answer time

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