Re-creating Tribe

class_2014_10_dance_cricle_willow_tree_wide_crop_hi_resHumans are collective beings. In order to thrive, we need each other’s support, guidance, affection, love and cooperation. Centuries ago, when the US government sought to eliminate the Native American cultures, their focus was to disintegrate the tribal system. In doing so, they knew that they would destroy the people’s strength and power and make them dependent upon the government instead.

Nowadays, our society is built upon the nuclear family, which is proving to be too small and weak to function properly. The nuclear families are falling apart and people are becoming even more separate. Insulating ourselves through technology, living separately, and having no one to turn to for support creates loneliness, despair and violence. Our true nature is tribal; our lives will continue to be in turmoil if we maintain this segregation.

Communicating from the heart, praying in communal ritual and inter-generational support create powerful bonds. This re-weaving of the human tribe is absolutely essential to the human race thriving again.