michelle dancing fieldI am originally from Pennsylvania, where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Grassroots Social Movements and Empowerment.  After school, I traveled the world for a decade learning different cultures’ traditions and dances.  Having been introduced to yoga and healing dance in my travels, I developed my own style of teaching sacred dance and have been sharing it since 1998.

When I finally found my home here in North Carolina, I became the first apprentice of Corinna Wood, herbalist, teacher and founder of the SE Wise Women Conference. I served as Medicine Maker for Red Moon Herbs for the following 2 years. During that time, I also drummed and danced for many Native American-style ceremonial dances with Joseph Rael and Sally Perry.

Before becoming pregnant, I learned the art of belly dance for pregnancy and birth. After dancing through both of my pregnancies and labors, I enjoyed blissful, quick home births with my daughters. I now teach this ancient art to expectant mothers as well as attend births to dance with mamas during labor.

Since 2006, I have also been facilitating circles for girls to help prepare them for their transition into womanhood.

I currently live off-the-grid in the mountains near Asheville with my partner and our 3 beautiful children surrounded by our beloved community.