Family Dance

Family Dance

Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 am

6-Week Series begins September 12th
At Budo Mountain, Asheville
Cost for Series: $60 for one person, $30 extra for each additional person aged 3 and over, children under 3 are FREE!
*Pre-Registration Required, see details below*

A TOTALLY FUN hour of dance for all ages!!  Each class will include movements from various world dances, free form expression, group dances and dancing games.  The movements will be taught in a way that they can be done simply or with layers of difficulty added on.  Each class will run through dancing the energies of the 5 Natural Elements : water (flowing movements), earth (rhythmical), fire (ecstatic), air (balance, turns and leaps) and Spirit (slow or unique self-expression) – for a thorough exploration of movements and a complete workout.

For children and grown-ups alike, dancing in this way will build strength, body awareness, balance, confidence, healthy expression of emotions and friendships.  Floors are padded to make it safe for babies and toddlers to dance and tumble!  My daughters will be there to help hold babies so parents can dance with arms free when possible!  Children 3 and over can attend alone.

Email Michelle or use the Paypal button below:
(Payments are refundable / transferrable up until 10 days before the class ~ unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Transferred credit must be used within 3 months.)

Pricing Options - Free for children under 3




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