Sex, Love and Dance

2 workshops at The Flowjo in Carrboro, NC
lead by Michelle Dionne with Brent Hickey

REGISTRATION REQUIRED:  Email Michelle or use the Paypal buttons below each workshop description.

All genders are welcome to these clothing-on, no sexual touching events whether currently in sexual relationship or not.

Sex, Love and Dance:
Healing with Alchemy

Date TBA from 6-8:30pm
Cost: $35

The health of our sexuality influences every aspect of our lives.  Our culture has been deeply wounded in sexuality for centuries; nearly everyone has been affected by repression, ignorance, shame or abuse.  As our sexuality is linked to the very essence of our physical and Divine existence, the repercussions of sexual wounds are vast.  

Fortunately, the power to heal ourselves lies within ourselves all the time through embodied practices of Internal Alchemy.  “Alchemy” simply means “transformation” ~ changing one thing into another.  During Internal Alchemy, we direct the electro-magnetics created by pleasure to cleanse old wounds and shame.  Sex, love and dance are tremendously powerful techniques to fuel this transformation and return us to a natural, blissful, loving experience of our sexual essence.

In this introductory workshop, we will cover the fundamentals of Internal Alchemy and Egyptian Sacred Sexuality as well as use guided movement and free form dance to practice the technique of Alchemy.


Sex, Love and Dance:
Honoring the Genders

Date TBA from 10- 5
Cost: $85
** Limited Space, Registration Required **

A day-long intensive to explore how our beliefs, resentments and ignorance regarding gender can prevent us from enjoying the deep surrender required for sexual ecstasy.  By better understanding the journey of each gender, we can move into more compassion, trust and Divine sexual union.  This workshop will employ deep discussion, moving meditation and dance ~ covering the topics of Egyptian Sacred Sexuality, the differing sexual experiences of each gender, how to make love through triggers, how to communicate about sex and how to bring about healing through making love.

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